About Us

Helping Teens Build Their Own Foundation for Life

Flying Unlimited Inc. was created by Founder, Yvette Thornton to assist teens (ages 12-17) develop healthy relationship dynamics with their parents, while improving the quality of their lives.

After years of watching young people struggle in self-awareness due to outside influences such as media, peers, and negative life experiences. Yvette spent eight years researching and developing the “Life Proofing Your Teen workshop series. This dynamic youth program speaks to the core of who a teenager is.  It was designed to help teenagers cut through the influential “soup that he or she is continually swimming in. 

In 2014, Flying Unlimited Inc. had been privately offering the “Life Proofing Your Teen” workshop series for about 15 years. In early 2014, the decision was made to transition from private education workshops to offering this workshop series within school boards across Canada. Thus giving the opportunity to participate in this life changing experience to every student, in every family.

The “Life Proofing Your Teen” Workshop Series was adapted 18 months ago to fit the school system. We received invitations into school boards at a rate faster than expected. Now we have inquiries to come into schools, not just in Ontario, but, across Canada. Consequently, having this occur during the time of the Ontario “Work to Rule” labour dispute has been a boon for our company, helping us focus on the country as a whole.


The 10 Year Social Study

Please click here for a copy of the one page Social Study designed for parents to see the long-term impact and benefits of the “Life Proofing Your Teen” Workshop Series.

Here are some statistics that were obtained 10 years post workshop:

Ability to adapt to changing environments 90%
Confidence in professional skills 92%
Conflict resolution (personal and professional) 91%
Financial skills (saving money and long-term planning) 92%
Budgeting skills (planning daily living expenses) 92%
Being prepared for life as an independent adult 94%