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The Unlimited Team


YvetteYvette is the Founder and Program Creator of Flying Unlimited and it’s youth and parent programs.  Yvette is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As a wife and mother, Yvette enjoys family nights, traveling, movies and popcorn, and sampling ethnic foods and teas from around the world.  A true delight for her is a gourmet piece of chocolate!

She is the author of the upcoming book “Lifeproofing™ – Comfort Zone to Performance Zone:  Fearlessly Create A Life You Love.”  Additionally, Yvette is a Certified Coach and Expert Speaker on “Breaching the Comfort Zone to Improve Performance.”

With over 20 years of experience working with youth, Yvette still marvels at how eager our youth can be about their future and knowing that it is unlimited.




KylieKylie is the Assistant Program Coordinator at Flying Unlimited. She graduated with her MSW from the University of Windsor in 2008 and her BSW from Laurentian University in 2007. Kylie brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in mental health, medical social work, and work with youth. Unhappy with maintaining the status quo, Kylie has found a place within Flying Unlimited that will allow her to make a difference in the lives of youth and everyone that they interact with.

Having grown up in a small town in Northern Ontario, Kylie understands what it takes to leave the familiar to reach for one’s dreams. Having faced new cities, new faces, new schools, new jobs, and the looming unknown, it has encouraged her to keep pushing through when facing adversity. She truly believes “everything happens for a reason, even if we never know the reason or agree with it.” As a result, Kylie has become a thrill seeker and every time she achieves something, she’s already looking forward to what is next! One of her most prized memories is a month long volunteer and adventure trip in Eastern Europe that she lived to tell about (it was questionable at some points)! When she’s not looking for outrageous adventures that people tell her not to do, she likes to spend her time outdoors with her family, friends, and dog.



Frank is a mastFranker coach and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Frank has been working with kids for over 15 years and has coached kids in many different aspects of life.  Being a father of a teenage son and a grade school daughter, Frank understands what kids and parents are going through.  His extremely calm, fun and friendly demeanor enables him to connect with people on a different level than most.  Frank has seen first-hand what can happen to children who get caught up with video games and social media and is passionate about guiding them in the right direction so they can become the best people they can.  As an Ironman and avid triathlete, Frank is relentless at setting an achieving goals.  He shares his life experiences stories with the youth to give them awareness of what can be.  He is an honest, inspiring individual that gets excited to make a difference every chance he gets!





MarkMark was born and raised in St. Thomas with his three brothers. Mark has a passion for the arts and enjoys participating in theatre.

Mark started work as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. It was then that Mark discovered his passion for working with children and youth. Since that time, Marks has attended Fanshawe College for Child and Youth Worker. He thrives on his work with youth at residential and day camps during his summers.

Mark is a new facilitator with Flying Unlimited, but he has fallen in love with the program. Mark is an advocate for children and youth being who they are and that everyone needs to do what they love. Through the program, Mark has seen the growth in himself and the youth he has worked with.





Keidi 2

Keidi is an empowerment coach committed to mental health & spiritual sovereignty. At a young age, a passion for holistic well-being, led her to practicing meditation, studying philosophy & learning about nutrition. Keidi committed to being formally trained in nutritional health in University and becoming a Board Designated Master NLP Practitioner.

She now enjoys weaving the top mind-body technologies for personal & group transformation into designing & facilitating holistic wellness workshops, retreats and events.

She has facilitated and lead workshops with various organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Golden Future South Africa and Flying Unlimited towards the unlimited development of youth.

When Keidi is not assisting others to grow and have a strong well-being, she enjoys ecstatic dancing, painting, cooking healthy meals, dining with friends, and organizing/attending inspirational events.

Keidi’s appreciation for Flying Unlimited Inc.’s program is that it is presented in a fun and interactive way. She finds the participant responses throughout the day to be inspiring, as they come from a place of wisdom.



DevonDevon is a passionate young man, with a zest for life. Devon is a people person hands down. Bar none his skills to connect with today’s youth on a personal level speaks volumes about his ability to be authentic and real.

Devon has become adept at speaking to youth, one on one, in small groups, and as a featured speaker in large groups. He has mastered the art of listening and knows when you take the time to listen to a teen, you get to know their hopes, dreams, and passions for their future.

His support for the work that Flying Unlimited does, stems from his love of helping youth realize how unlimited their future can be and to provide them a vehicle to drive forward with confidence.





MonikaMonika is a BSW graduate from King’s University College and has worked for a number of local and international organizations including Community Living London, the London Employment Help Centre, The Canadian Institute of Health Research, and Childlife Network International in a variety of roles ranging from individual counselling, advocacy, community development, research, and program development. Monika spends the majority of her time involved in the film, television and music industries and her favourite hobbies are watching movies and going to live concerts and music festivals. She also enjoys the visual arts and a variety of sports including swimming, horseback riding, basketball, volleyball, football, yoga and essentially any water sport.  Monika is the official voice of Flying Unlimited as well as being part of the administrative and data management team for the company.