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Life Proofing Your Teen Series

The core of this series focuses on communication, teamwork, self-esteem and goal setting.


Communication includes:

  • Communicating ideas to others
  • Listening to others
  • Clarifying questions 
  • Creating individual reliability


Teamwork includes:

  • Group communication & time management
  • Sharing responsibility & accountability
  • Constructing change from feedback & criticism
  • Being a contributing factor


Self Esteem and Self Assessment include:

  • Determining what is important to one’s self
  • Finding individual passion
  • Distinguishing the difference between “Who I am” & “What others see”
  • Living a future that is unlimited


Goal Setting and Accountability include:

  • Understanding your goal & why it is important
  • Creating a plan to achieve goals (short & long term)
  • Assessing progress & adjusting periodically (avoiding distractions)
  • Making steps of self accountability to stay focused


The Life Proofing Your Teen series involves 3 stages which build upon one other:

  1. Breakout
  2. Emerge
  3. Soar